My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.
Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.
Focus on the HERE and NOW.

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Born Isabel Sofia Velez Abonitalla in the tropical archipelago of the Philippines, Isa was a bright little girl full of potential.


I’m studying computer science and bioinformatics at Hunter College. I’m taking Organic Chemistry, Spanish 2, Islam, and Relational Databases. I am also Vice President of Hunter College’s Open Source Club and an active member of the Women in Computer Science organization.


I’m currently looking for a part-time job that is considerate of my college workload and schedule. More importantly, I am planning for an internship for summer 2020, either in data science or product management.

Lil Tidbits of Information as I continue to build this page:

  • I can wiggle my nose like guinea pigs do, I learned it from my lil boy Terry.

  • I have an addiction to soda.

  • I’m near sighted; I refuse to stab my eyeballs with contact lenses so I stick with my handy dandy transition lens eyeglasses.

  • I have an overwhelming love for stationery. All my pens are Muji or better. I have about four sets of Tombow pens. Multicolor Sharpies, Expos, Faber Castell pencils, etc.

  • As much as I can, I upcycle (recycling but better) most of the things in my room. It’s to satiate my conscience because I can’t live a zero-waste lifestyle. That means my pen cups are soda bottles; my garbage bag (aka those plastic bags from grocery stores) dispenser is an old M&M box; my washi tapes are on an old hanging paper towel rack; and all my trinkets and medicine etc are organized in different SkyFlakes containers.



Organized & Detail-Oriented


Collaborative Team Player

Management & Leadership

Humor as Emotional Defense Mechanism

Visual & Verbal Communication

Not a smoker, drinker, or druggie


Lateral Thinking

Insecurity & Need for
External Validation